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A Month in Print from Scott Armitage of SSE Worldwide

Are you looking for new business opportunities? We know it can be hard to find time to follow trends and make investment decisions that will grow your business. SSE Worldwide is here to help.   This is the perfect time to consider one of our small format UV LED printers.  With the growth in the number of small and often home based businesses, we know there is a rise in companies searching for new ideas and entrepreneurial opportunities.

If you are thinking about what is possible with UV and looking for the ideal machine at entry level – look no further.  The extended capabilities of SSE Worldwide’s small format UV LED printers and the variety of products and substrates they are able to print on will give you what you need.

What’s exciting about the trend for using UV technology is the wide range of possible applications providing limitless business opportunities in a competitive marketplace where consumers with high expectations are looking for that unique and personalised item.   A big advantage of UV printing is of course there is no evaporation with UV inks – no cleaning the nozzles every time like with aqueous and solvent based inks so time savings are made for fast turnaround jobs.

In the last six months, SSE Worldwide has received a significant increase in enquiries.  Our innovative range of UV LED printers can print on to numerous substrates such as wooden signs and acrylic blocks – also onto corporate gifts such as tins, golf balls, USB sticks and mobile covers.  The extensive range of applications offers multiple business opportunities.

There are many sectors whose product ranges benefit from small format UV printing.  The brewery trade for example for pub signs, beer founts and dispenser branding.   Promotional and personalised items benefit from a quality finish with UV printing.   Small format UV printing is also used for industrial purposes in membrane switch printing, control panel printing and industrial marking onto instrument dials and computer patch panels.

According to the FSB’s (Federation of Small Businesses) statistics from 2015, small businesses accounted for 99.3% of all private sector businesses.   With overall population growth underpinning this trend and consumer behaviour as a key driver, suppliers such as SSE will continue to have the opportunity to provide SME’s with the solutions to help their businesses differentiate and grow.

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