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Promotional products printing – How to make your business stand out

Promotional products printing is becoming increasingly important in the marketing mix.  Our MD, Scott Armitage, was recently asked to comment on the business opportunities surrounding promotional product printing.  Here is what he had to say:

I would recommend looking at affordable UV LED flatbed printers such as our range of the Apache or the Eagle printers.   A lot of people shy away from the cost of UV but there are cost effective and affordable options in the smaller format range.  By investing in UV LED, you can open up all sorts of entrepreneurial possibilities.   The advantages of using LED technology outweigh any initial cost.  Entering the promotional product sector you need to start by focusing on easy-to-print, quirky products.  Its not so much about how you print but what you print – graphics and/or text – to make the product different from the rest.”

The key to standing out in the promotional products printing market is being unique

“With UV technology, you can produce unique designs with raised and brightly coloured effects on a wide variety of substrates including glass and wood.  The business opportunities are endless and only limited by the imagination of the designer.   Consumers today are looking for unique and different products.  There is a recognizable trend particularly in the UK for cottage industries in many sectors such as food, beverage, toys, cosmetics and jewellery to name a few.   These small companies want high quality promotional items and quirky containers and packs that enhance and set their product aside from the competition – and – they are prepared to pay more for them!    What they are looking for is inventive design and creative personalisation.   As well as online ordering, many of these young companies and young entrepreneurs are using social media channels to sell their goods.   Its an interesting concept and I believe this is where entrepreneurial startups could grow their businesses and their reputations.”

Apache 6090 EVO small format UV LED printer


“I would say – start with a small format and middle of the range UV machine where you can print both promotional items and small signage such as chalk boards for pubs for example.   The key really is the creativity and the uniqueness of the end product.   Then I would invest in a router/cutter and laser marking equipment.  Further on they may want to purchase sublimation machines for higher volumes and the cheaper end of the market.

I don’t believe there is any point in trying to compete with overseas high volume producers particularly imported mass-produced items where thousands of items all look the same.”

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