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Titanium LSC series flatbed cutter

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"We would have no hesitation in purchasing another machine from SSE Worldwide. The service we received was second to none, and their advice was invaluable in our decisions. Highly recommended."

- Mr P. Smith, London

If a Kongsberg or Zund interest you then our LSC series 1509 flatbed cutter will, it’s the perfect flatbed cutting system for mock up’s for the packaging market. Cutting area of 800 mm x 1450 mm and cutting up to 1.5 mm thick. Includes camera registration.

LSC series 1509 flatbed cutter – Cutting area dimensions 800 mm x 1450 mm

Standard equipment

  • Two tool holders
  • Cut up to 1.5 mm thick board
  • Camera registration
  • Operators control panel
  • Laser locating pointer
  • Drag knife
  • Creasing wheel tool
  • Plotting pen tool (Ball pen/ Gel ink pen)
  • Vacuum pump

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