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"We would have no hesitation in purchasing another machine from SSE Worldwide. The service we received was second to none, and their advice was invaluable in our decisions. Highly recommended."

- Mr P. Smith, London

Small Format UV LED Flatbed Printer- Eagle 100 Inkjet Printer

The Eagle 100 UV LED flatbed printer has been designed to offer a cost-effective, high quality and versatile printing solution. With a larger 1500mm x 900mm print area,  the Eagle UV printer can print onto virtually any substrate up to a maximum of printing height of 250mm. It is ideal for use in printing promotional and industrial products.  You can print in high quality onto acrylics, plastics, wooden boxes, glass and many other substrates.

  • Maximum print area W x L x H: 900 x 1500 x 250mm
  • 4-colour UV LED inks, including opaque white ink and varnish (option)
  • Bulk ink fill system – NO ink cartridges (low cost ink)
  • Print on to large and deep items up to 250mm thick
  • Suitable for industrial inkjet printing of parts and panels
  • Suitable for printing promotional items including wooden signs

The Eagle 100 printer produces incredibly crisp and vibrant text,  full colour printed images with white ink as an option. Our inks are noted for their outstanding solvent and abrasion durability on a variety of substrates.

The white UV ink creates a very opaque layer, virtually on to any coloured substrate and produces amazing bright colours with a white under base, in between colours or over. Unlike most other systems, the white ink remains in constant circulation throughout the ink delivery system to correctly maintain the white pigment in suspension.

The WhiteRIP software we provide with the Eagle 100 UV flatbed is based on technologies which improve the print quality and maximise production, allowing the user to nest images, make colour corrections and size the image to the substrate etc.

UV Digital Printing Applications Include:

Signage | Name Badges & Photo IDs | Plaques & Awards
Promotional Products, Items & Giveaways
Injection Moulded Parts, digital printing on pens
Digital print on to dial Faces
Digitally prints on Dark Substrates
Braille printing
High quality UV printing on wood, including large and deep boxes
Namplate printing onto stainless steel
Printing for aluminium signs and instrument panels
Print with our UV inks on to plastic and moulded plastic objects
UV printing on to glass

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