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Durst P10 250 UV hybrid printer

Durst P10 250
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Durst P10 250 rear

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"We would have no hesitation in purchasing another machine from SSE Worldwide. The service we received was second to none, and their advice was invaluable in our decisions. Highly recommended."

- Mr P. Smith, London

High quality Durst P10 250

  • 2013 P10 250 hybrid printer
  • Original owner
  • Durst Premier service contract since new
  • Can be seen in production

Excellent condition.

  • The Quadro Array 10 print head technology gives outstanding print quality without loss of speed
  • Continuous printing process maximizes productivity (no pauses for masking found in a table system)
  • Mechanical front stops enabling accurate parallel printing of boards side by side
  • Perfect print registration on long boards due to mechanical front stops
  • Roll-to-roll printing options
  • Printing of light colors and process color addition (Light Cyan and Light Magenta) without loss of speed
  • Ease of use and fast maintenance optimize production efficiency
  • Highest reliability on the market (24/7 production)

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