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AX-Ultra Single pass water based inkjet printer

Single pass water based printer
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"We would have no hesitation in purchasing another machine from SSE Worldwide. The service we received was second to none, and their advice was invaluable in our decisions. Highly recommended."

- Mr P. Smith, London

Revolutionising Printing: The Power of Single-Pass Water-Based Printers

Beyond the exceptional print quality and environmental benefits, single-pass water-based printers offer a host of advantages:

  • Fast, high quality
  • Continuous all day, everyday production
  • Water based inks
  • Print widths up to 300mm (on this model) – Larger sizes available
  • RIP software: Variable data printing option available
  • Printhead : 2 rows – 10 x Epson i3200 in total
  • Ink Type : Dye ink
  • Operating System : PLC
  • Power : 4.5kw
  • Printing Speed : 15-30m/min depending on resolution required
  • Printing Size : 25~300mm wide
  • Max Material width: 600mm
  • Max Material thickness : 80mm
  • Printer Size(L*W*H) : 2650mm*2250mm*1650mm

**Faster Turnaround**: With single-pass technology, efficiency increases significantly, allowing for quicker project completion and shorter lead times.

**Cost Savings**: Reduced ink usage, lower maintenance requirements, and quicker production times translate into cost savings for businesses.

**Versatility**: Single-pass printers can handle a variety of substrates, from packaging materials to textiles and signage, making them a versatile choice for different industries.

**Empowering Businesses, Protecting the Planet**
As businesses continue to seek innovative ways to meet their printing needs, the single-pass water-based printer emerges as a game changer. The reduced environmental impact, combined with exceptional quality and efficiency, makes this technology an investment that pays dividends both commercially and ecologically.

**Join the Revolution**

Discover the future of printing with us today.Consult us to learn more about how single-pass water-based printer can transform your printing processes.

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