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Rota-AX 360 degree rotary UV printer

Bottle printer
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"We would have no hesitation in purchasing another machine from SSE Worldwide. The service we received was second to none, and their advice was invaluable in our decisions. Highly recommended."

- Mr P. Smith, London

THE FASTEST and HIGHEST quality digital inkjet bottle printer in it’s class

The Rota-AX DIGITAL UV printer is built for ease of use, quality and speed.

  • Full 360 degree print
  • The highest quality bottle printer on the market in it’s class
  • Suitable for printing tapered cups, cans etc
  • The longest print area on the market, up to 270mm
  • Only 60 second print time for a sports bottle (this is for real 🙂
  • White + CMYK  as standard. Varnish and primer offered as options

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