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Printing On Wood

Before the development of technology, printing on wood was often a time consuming and laborious task. Today, with the development of precise UV printing technology, the capabilities of customisation on wooden surfaces is extremely versatile.

If you’re looking to find a machine that has the capability to deliver full colour wood printing with a high quality finish, you’ll be sure to find a suitable solution at SSE Worldwide. Our full range of UV inkjet printers will allow you to print directly onto wooden surfaces of up to 150mm thick. With a reputation for delivering consistency and a high quality finish you’ll be sure to get the best return for your investment. To find out more about our products, please get in touch today.

Features of UV Inkjet Printing on Wood Surfaces

  • Full colour CMYK printing plus White ink
  • Print on to your wood products
  • Personalised wood printing
Printing On Wood

"UV Inkjet printing directly on to wood up to 150mm thick"

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