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Digital Printing Applications

With major advancements in today’s technology, the range of print applications is much more versatile.

If you’re a business in the print industry you’ll know that there is now a greater demand to produce a consistent quality product whilst still maintaining a fast turnaround and a competitive price.

At SSE Worldwide we provide bespoke consulktancy for UV print applications to a wide range of industry categories. So whether you’re looking for a solution to print on wood, glass, plastic or aluminium we will find you the right printer for your needs.

Industrial Inkjet Printing

Industrial inkjet printing machines provide maximum flexibility whilst delivering efficient and cost effective solutions.

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Promotional Products

If you need to print promotional merchandise such as golf balls, phone cases, business marketing materials and much more, UV inkjet is the preferred system for inkjet printing as it ensures a full colour print can be applied to a variety of materials.

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Printing on Wood

If you’re looking to print on wood, UV Inkjet printers provide full colour printing onto a wide range of wooden samples of up to 250mm thick.

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Printing on Plastic

Whether you’re interested in printing on acrylic, plastic card printing, printing plastic stickers or anything else, we can advise which printers provide a flexible and cost effective solution for your business.

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Printing on Aluminium

If you’re looking to print onto an aluminium surface it’s essential that we find a cost effective printer which delivers a high quality finish that is durable for your needs.

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Single-Pass Water-Based Printing

In the world of printing, advancements are constant, with each new technology promising to redefine the way you bring designs to life on various surfaces.

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UV single pass printers

We can help you find the most cost effective and high quality UV single pass printer for printing onto promotional items including covers of notebooks etc.

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