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Frequently Asked Questions and their Answers

  • Should I buy a machine that offers the facility to print white?
    Ask yourself……how many times do I really need to print white ? The best option is to keep or set up with a Screen Printing facility to print white. The ability to over varnish and to offer metallic glitters and luminescence gives added value to the digital print. For further information on special finishes please contact us and we will forward you our latest brochure.
  • What machines advice can you offer?
    We advise on industrial UV printers, to help you find you the best solution
  • What types of machines do you have experience with?
    All makes of Screen Printing machines and with 40 years experience in the industry we offer you a complete consultancy from start to finish.

    To enable us to guide you towards the correct type of machine suitable for your needs, we need to know from you the thickness of substrate and the maximum sheet size, how many prints per hour you require and whether you would prefer new or used. We know the questions sound basic but they the starting points !
  • Which countries have you supplied to and what services can you offer?
    We offer advice worldwide and offer and find equipment to match your needs on a consultancy basis.
  • What effects and inks can be achieved with screen printing?
    Spot UV also known as lacquering
    Fluorescent Inks
    Luminescent Inks
    Perfumed Inks
    Glitter Inks
    Pearlescent Inks
    Heat Active Inks
    Daylight Active Inks
    Ferrous Inks – Metallic Inks
    Fading Inks
    Tactile Inks (Braille)
    Thermic Black
    Textured Inks & Varnishes
    Just Add Water (J.A.W Series)
    Water Removable (WRM Series)
    Hologram/Prism Inks
    Diamond Enhancement Inks

    Please contact us for our latest Screen Printing special finishes brochure.

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